Archive for Crafts, chat amd more

Board Association
Rules and announcements for when needed
Come in and take a seat, get comfy introduce yourself and feel free to chatter
Testing Area
Purely to test and talk about new add on's before deleteing etc
Crazy News
Articals from newspapers and online
Soaps, reality, general news, all other shows world wide
Something that you have seen and found interesting or not, would want to recommend to others or say keep away (including world films)
Your music taste, share your knowledge and taste with us.
Live Shows
Theatre, Concerts, talks, Tours, Museums, Galleries, Walks, much much more
Books of all geners, comics, magazines that you wish to share with us
Remember those who have gone. Remember their memories. It can be celebraties of recent or past. Your near and dear. It always helps to remember those lost.
Fun Times
Games to pass away the times when you have a free moment. Numbers, letters and others, including either daily or weekly quizzes
What's in the kitchen?
What have you cooked or about to cook? Have you been to a good resturant, share them with us. If we are local you never know may want to try them
Your travels, sports that you do or watch....anything like that, we want to hear and read about
Your Talents
Share them with us, post pictures if you have any, make the rest of us envious with it
My creations
I will try and place pictures of creations I have made or in the process of making. These are mostly needlecrafts. Some sold, kept or given as gifts to various people
Links (Websites)
Get YOUR webistes noticed here. YOU MUST be a member and active POSTER to be able to place links. Minimum posts 20
18+ Plus
Post naughty but unoffensive pictures and post. DO NOT Post anything that will offend people. You MUST be 18+ and must request admission by Admin
Steaming Pot
Place to talk and get stuff of your chest ...a bit like a blog but amongst friends...Invite ONLY
World Corner
If you are from Turkey or have a connection inanyway feel free to drop in for a chat
Films, Music, Books and many others
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